Huson 2016

Nine Mile Community Center – Stark School House

Local citizens of Huson, Montana take a lot of pride in a local historic structure: the Stark Schoolhouse. The school was constructed in 1915, and it became the headquarters for the Nine Mile Community Center in 1948. This historic schoolhouse is now used for community events, such as a holiday craft fair, Christmas Eve gatherings, and educational programs.

MHF funded the Nine Mile Community to make necessary repairs to the foundation of the historic Stark Schoolhouse. The building’s fieldstone foundation is essential to the school’s sustainability, and it is currently weathered and deteriorated. The MHF grant money will restore the fieldstone foundation and repair the stonework on some of the school’s walls. Renovations will allow local citizens to continue hosting community gatherings at the Stark Schoolhouse and appreciating the historic architecture and significance of the building.