Sunday, April 30 - Brew a Better Community Night at the Ten Mile Creek Brewery in Helena. For every pint sold, $1 goes to the Montana History Foundation. Join us from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. to Brew a Better Community!

Wednesday, May 17 - "It All Comes Together With Jazz" History Dinner at the Montana Club in Helena. The Montana History Foundation and the Montana Club, in partnership with Humanities Montana, are delighted to bring you a special evening with musician Wilbur W. Rehmann. Rehmann describes the roots of jazz to the modern jazz era of the 1940s ‘50s, ‘60s, and its historical and musical influences in Montana. Rehmann illustrates points by showcasing his own talents on the saxophone. No-host cocktails at 5:30 p.m. and dinner at 6:00 p.m. $35 members/$45 non-members. Reservations are required: 406-442-5980 or

Saturday, May 13 - Antiques Appraisal Fair at the Gallatin History Museum in downtown Bozeman. MHF Board member Timothy Gordon and his colleague Grant Zahajko from the PBS series "Antiques Road Show" will evaluate items for $15 each. Purchase tickets at:

Antiques Appraisal Fair

Explore Montana History Through the Projects We Funded Across the State

I love being part of the Foundation because our grant program brings together individual donors, corporate fundraising, and a variety of sponsors to support community-based history projects across Montana

Christopher Warden, MHF Board Member

I am proud to be a long-time supporter of the Montana History Foundation. Over the years I have watched MHF become the great organization it is today – an organization that brings communities together by providing resources for history and culture.

Penelope P. Wilson, MHF emeritus board member and generous donor

Visitors reported that our presentation and restoration work was the most impressive of all the other scheduled tour stops. Thanks for the financial support to complete the restoration of our school.

Pine Butte School Preservation Society, Gallatin County

This project has brought the community closer together and seems to have helped people feel like they participated in something special.

Nine Mile Community Center, Stark School House Project, Missoula County

I support the Montana History Foundation’s grant program because I LOVE MONTANA and want to preserve, as best we can, the rich history of the people who made this state what it is.

Rockwood Brown, MHF board member and generous donor

Not only did they teach me how to write a grant in one of their grant writing workshops, they also helped me write a grant requesting help to gather oral histories for the Huntley Project Museum. Then, we were awarded the grant and now they continue to give guidance and encouragement as I move forward with the oral histories. THANK YOU MHF, you are all incredible!

Trudie Porter Biggers, Huntley Project Museum of Irrigated Agriculture

What a great opportunity the MHF has given to organizations and groups to attend the Grant Writing Workshop. The information is pertinent and helpful for not only their grants but also applying for others too! Thanks MHF!

Ti Shalene Stalnaker

We really love that foundation [MHF] because it really gets right to the core of what the museum is all about, and that is preserving history.  They understand what small museums struggle with.

Tamar Stanley, Director, Ravalli County Museum