Lewistown 2017

Lewistown Historic Resources Commission – Cemeteries Mausoleum and Gravestone Preservation

Lewistown was once home to early Montana settlers in the late 19th and early 20th century. In addition to the frontier settlers of European descent, the area was also home to many Metis settlers—ethnic groups indigenous to Canada and parts of the U.S. that trace their descent to indigenous North Americans and European settlers. Settlers of both backgrounds are buried in the two mausoleums at Calvary Cemetery.

The Lewistown Cemeteries Mausoleum & Gravestone preservation project was funded by The History Foundation to stabilize gravestones in the Calvary Cemetery and teach volunteers proper cleaning methods, which will be used for the Lewistown City Cemetery.

Photo 1: Headstone Restoration
Photo 2: Volunteer Removing Lichen
Photo 3: Before Restoration
Photo 4: After Restoration