Bozeman 2016

KGLT – Histories for Radio

The Montana Medicine Show is a well-known radio show hosted by local station KGLT-FM, which is located on Montana State University’s Bozeman campus. The show has approximately 8,500 weekly listeners across Montana and seeks to unite Montanans with their history. Each segment features a concise and engaging summary of a historic person or event that was instrumental to the growth and development of Montana as we know it today. The Montana Medicine Show connects individuals in Montana to a larger community that celebrates people in local arts and culture, making Montanans feel like they are part of a larger historical context.

KGLT-FM covers a different aspect of Montana history in each segment, and the Montana History Foundation awarded KGLT-FM a grant to produce twelve new segments of the Montana Medicine Show. The funding paid for research, editing, and reviewing the information and music presented on the show.