Fort Peck 2016

Fort Peck Fine Arts Council – Historic Lighting Preservation

Fort Peck Theatre was established in 1934 during the construction of the Fort Peck Dam as part of FDR’s New Deal. The building was originally constructed as a movie theater and entertained workers 24 hours a day. In 1970, the theater was reopened as a live theater venue bringing performing arts to the area for the first time.

The theater is as it was in 1934, from floor to ceiling. The light fixtures are some of the finest examples of 1930’s artisanship seen today. Continued restoration and preservation of the theater benefits the entire northeast corner of Montana as it is the main tourist attraction and the only performing arts venue for hundreds of miles.

Photo 1 – Fort Peck Theatre
Photo 2 – Fort Peck Theatre before restoration
Photo 3 – Fort Peck Theatre after restoration
Photo 4 – Original blueprint for light fixture
Photo 5 – Original blueprint for light fixture