Great Falls 2017

C.M. Russell Museum – Russell House Conservation

The History Foundation funded the C.M. Russell Museum in Great Falls to replace the knob and tube wiring of Charles and Nancy Russell’s original house. When the artist Charles Marlon Russell and his wife, Nancy Cooper Russell, moved to Great Falls in 1900, they built a frame house on Front Street and, three years later, a log cabin studio on the same block. The Russell house and studio are the C.M. Russell Museum’s two most important artifacts, and together, they are a designated National Historic Landmark.

Replacing the knob and tube wiring is part of a larger goal to restore and interpret the Russell’s home and studio. This stage of the project will address fire safety and security, which will allow the museum to continue restoring the Russell studio and house in succeeding projects. MHF is excited to help the C.M. Russell Museum preserve relics of Charles’ M. Russell’s art and life as well as the art and life of his contemporaries.