Billings 2017

Billings Preservation Society/Moss Mansion – Self-Guided Tours

The Moss Mansion is a cornerstone of Billings’ history and culture, and MHF funded the Billings Preservation Society to develop self-guided tours of the mansion. The Moss Mansion was built in 1903 and has since been transformed into a museum that is on the National Register of Historic Places. The mansion, in downtown Billings, showcases inspired architecture, unrivaled craftsmanship, and exquisite décor. The mansion was home to Preston and “Mattie” Moss; the former was a renowned Billings entrepreneur who founded a newspaper, a central heating plant, the Billings Utility Company, the Northern Hotel, and more.

Moss Mansion wanted to shift the museum experience to meet the public’s needs by developing self-guided tours. There were two steps to making the museum conducive to self-guided tours: completing research on the Moss family and their place in Billings’ history and purchasing labor and materials for self-guided tours.