2017 Montana Antiques Appraisal Fair

May 13, 2017
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

May 13, 2017 MHF and Gallatin History Museum, with sponsorship from First Interstate Bank, hosted the Montana Antiques Appraisal Fair.  Timothy Gordon, Grant Zahajko, and Allen Rodgers, all celebrity appraisers as seen on PBS, donated their time to provide verbal evaluations for items brought in by the public.

Allen Rodger appraising a quilt

Appraiser Gordon Zahajko researching an antique

Timothy Gordon talking with Emily Hibbard

Folks waiting on their turn with the appraisers

Appraiser Timothy Gordon with his assistants

The view from the balcony

Appraisers hard at work

A great time at the Antiques Appraisal Fair