Outreach and Project Development

Criteria for Outreach and Project Development Grants

Organizations may apply for funding for research, education and outreach that focus on some aspect of Montana history. These proposals should:

  • Provide an educational opportunity for an identified audience (e.g. museum visitors, staff or volunteers, historic preservation officers, etc)
  • Identify and address a specific need
  • Focus on a significant task (or set of tasks) or theme areas relevant and significant to Montana history

Some examples of eligible projects include:

  • Preparation of National Register of Historic Places nominations
  • Surveys, inventories, and/or assessments of collections, buildings, districts or other groups of historically significant objects, sites, or structures in advance of a restoration or preservation project
  • Developing a collections plan or an exhibits plan
  • Developing and delivering a workshop (or series of workshops) that provide professional development opportunities for museums or preservation staff/volunteers
  • Creating a walking or driving tour of a district, region or area (esp. with mobile applications)
  • Site-specific feasibility study or master plan
  • Research and development of interpretive panels or signs

In most cases, the MHF Grants Program does not fund:

  • Historical re-enactments or impersonations
  • Public presentations or lectures
  • Individual research projects