Collections and Artifacts

Criteria for Collections and Artifacts Grants

Organizations may apply for funding for the preservation of collections or artifacts that:

  • Are threatened or endangered
  • Embody the distinctive characteristics of a culture, organization, or community significant to Montana history
  • Are associated with a significant event or series of events in Montana history
  • Are associated with the lives of persons significant to Montana history

Grant projects should focus on the following areas:

  • Conservation, preservation, and/or proper storage of artifacts or collections
  • Survey and/or assessment of historically significant artifacts or collections
  • Digitization of items or collections of items (all digitization projects should coordinate and document partnership with the Montana Memory Project or a similar repository:

Some examples of eligible projects include:

  • Purchase of archival materials to facilitate proper preservation or restoration of an individual artifact or group of artifacts
  • Creating an exhibit-ready replica of an artifact(s) so that the original may be preserved
  • Digitizing historically significant, valuable, or fragile photographs or documents
  • Creating museum-appropriate storage for significant collection(s)
  • Developing an inventory of collections, a collections policy and/or exhibits plan

In most cases, the MHF Grants Program does not fund:

  • Acquisition of collections
  • Conservation or preservation of collections and artifacts primarily related to the history of a community or culture outside of Montana
  • NOTE: Newspaper digitization projects will not be considered in 2021


NOTE:  If the project proposed includes digitization of documents and/or photographs, a letter of support and partnership from the Montana Memory Project ( is required.